Tuesday, November 23, 2010

O.M.G. NO H.B.O.

I just realized that I will no longer have all of the channels on T.V. that make watching T.V. worthwhile. No HBO, no Showtime and no IFC. 

How am I supposed to survive like this? It's inhumane. It's inconceivable torture. No Dexter? What is the point of living? No Six Feet Under? No Curb Your Enthusiasm? Fucking seriously? What am I supposed to watch now? Channel 78??

For those of you are aren't hip to what Channel 78 is (and don't feel bad because I was just informed a couple days ago myself), it is a channel devoted to showing a continual landscape shot of mule town 24 hours a day. A camera is set up out by the local airport (and calling this thing an airport is being generous... It's basically some blacktop that all of the mule town residents gather on every 4th of July to light off fireworks) and it just shows the happenings and coming and goings, if any, from the vantage point of someone who might be standing out in BFE.

I don't think I can move now. I mean, what kind of life is a life without Dexter? None at all. This might even be considered cruel and unusual self-punishment. I might be fined or jailed for making the decision to ditch the premium channels for a bit of inner peace and financial reasoning.  I might be a masochist!

That's it. I'm making it a stipulation that my mom gets Internet at her place before I even get there so at least I can watch shit on Hulu. She had better comply... OR ELSE... I will cry and scream until I get my way.


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  2. There is this amazing thing now.. You can watch TV, ON THE INTERNET! O_O

    Hit me up for links ;)

  3. maybe become a serial killer...larp Dexter

  4. I'll be the Backwoods Bludgeoner! (Don't know if that's how you spell bludgeoner but it looks close and you get the point)