Friday, November 19, 2010

Anticipation. Agony.

Since I have just made up my mind less than thirty-three hours ago to move back home, I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs. Mostly downs. OK, all downs. I'm on a rickety track straight to hell with this negative attitude.

I need to find the positives with my upcoming move. I'm going to find ten positive things about moving home and in with my mom. Here we go...

1. I will have a reliable babysitter.
2. I will have someone to talk about my sister behind her back with.
3. I will be able to talk smack about the rest of the family with my sister over coffee, all the while pretending I'm not talking smack on her with mom.
4. I can take pictures of especially redneck behavior and post them on my blog.
5. The Mule Capital Of The World is surrounded by natural hot water wells for me to go and soak in when stressed out.
6. Most of the roads are paved.
7. My grandparents and my uncle live there as well and are a great source of wisdom and entertainment for me.
8. My newly acquired skill of crawdad fishing will come in super handy.
9. I can run into old classmates and practice lying about being more successful than I really am.
10. I can kick the kids outside to play and not worry about them getting kidnapped. If they get bit by a rattlesnake, it was probably their own damn fault.

Well, that made me feel a little better. I like this whole new me! What a difference a positive attitude makes. We currently have 29 days until the move to mule town.

I think I'm ready for a slower pace and for all of this pride to finally be swallowed. A humble person is a good person, right?

On a side note... I wonder what the noise that mules make is called? Horses neigh and donkeys bray... NEE-yay? I remember hearing a mule make noise before but it's not surfacing in the memory banks right now... I'll just keep imagining a NEE-yay as a sort of lame and poorly correlated Monty Python tribute.


  1. So what does a donkey with a bum knee wear?

    A Nee-Brayce Waaa-waaaa

    Was also thinking about the irish donkey who for whatever reason had tiny leprechaun friends and to find their gold all you had to do is follow the . . . Nee-ray . ..
    Yea that one was just horrible.

    Liked this post, made me laugh. Keep em coming :)

  2. Love it Daniel! You just needed to follow it up with a bah-dun-chhhhh!