Saturday, November 20, 2010

28 Days Later... From Today

In 28 days I will be living in mule town. I'm trying to be a grown up about the move. I really am. I haven't even thrown myself on the ground and kicked and screamed yet. Honest.

There are just too many things I'm going to miss about the city. Like... Target, street lights, 24 hour Jack In The Box, a movie theater with more than two options, people with teeth, being six hours away from my hometown so when classmates ask me what I'm up to these days I can lie and say, "Important stuff," cell phone reception, smog (because of pretty sunsets), the lack of mountain lions, being able to ignore phone calls from my mom when I'm in a bad mood so I don't worry her, a solid Internet connection, no snow, being able to wear flip-flops year round, Red Robin, In-N-Out, just about every other restaurant here, not carrying chains in the car, not chipping ice off of my windshield... you know... most of these reasons are weather or food related... you get the picture.

There are things from the country that I miss too. Every time I think to myself that it would be fun to move back there I remember very quickly that all of the things I miss, besides my family, I get my fill of within four days and I'm ready to leave.

Here is an actual conversation between my mom and I:

ME: "I don't know what I'm going to do for work up there mom."

MOM: "There's always opportunities with the county. Or the gas station. Or Carl's Jr."

This was pretty much the end of the conversation. I'm going to be chipping ice off of my windshield and going through Animal Style Fries withdrawals to go flip burgers or pump gas to feed/fuel my old classmates as they pass through town on a four day vacation.



  1. You have named everything I miss about home.

  2. I am going to die up there without In-N-Out. Die.